5 Questions With Adam Lambert At Wango Tango

Becky Bain | May 17, 2010 6:10 am

We caught up with our favorite glamdroid Adam Lambert on the red carpet of Wango Tango, the day-long concert produced by radio station KISS-FM. And although the pompadoured pop star was in a hurry to prepare for what would turn out to be a thrilling, pitch-perfect four-song set for a cheering Staples Center crowd, we managed to sneak in a few quick-and-dirty q’s with him. Jump below to find out if Glambert (who, FYI, says he’s Team Bowersox!) is putting serious thought into a film career or that little style war he’s in with other spike-minded musicians

Becky Bain: We almost didn’t recognize you—you’re not wearing any spikes today! Have you ever injured yourself with one of your incredibly dangerous-looking outfits? Adam Lambert: (Laughs.) Not always spikes! And no, luckily I’ve been safe!

We recently posted a list of all the movie musicals we think you should star in, like a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or the American Idiot movie currently in development. Are you on the lookout for a film role? I think right now I’m just focusing on my music and making videos and touring. I start the Glam Nation tour in June. It’s gonna be all over North America for the next three months, then I think I have some dates in Europe.

You’ve been touring the world to promote For Your Entertainment—Japan, Australia, England, just to name a few. Have other countries you’ve visited been accepting of your sexuality? Yeah, one of the things that I’ve found that has been really refreshing abroad, is that for the most part, there’s not as many taboos and hang-ups on sexuality [as there are in the U.S.]. So, it’s actually been really great, because the focus has been on the music, as it should be.

What do you think has been the problem in America? I think there are just some more conservative people here. But I have a lot of warm, beautiful, very accepting fans here and I’m lucky for it.

You’ve been in your own controversylately with Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz – his fans say that you’re ripping off his look, whereas your Glamberts are saying it’s the other way around. The same thing is happening with Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, too! What say you about this drama? Should fans stop comparing one pop star’s style to another’s? (Laughs.) I think we both just have similar taste. And he looks great! I’ve been doing this since I was about 24-years old, when he was in middle school, so I don’t think anyone is ripping off anybody. [People] should just let [musicians] do their thing. It’s not that deep!

Travel back through time to read our interview with Adam Lambertfrom November 2009, in which he drops a few hints about shakin’-and-shimmyin’ on tour, and what Lady Gaga’s really like behind the scenes. (Answer: just as odd as she is in front of the scenes.)