Listen To Kelly Clarkson’s “Who’s That Girl”

Robbie Daw | May 17, 2010 11:30 am

We’ve been digging some of the new Kelly Clarkson songs that have surfaced over recent weeks—“Dance” and the Arcade Fire-leaning “Naked Eye” spring to mind. Now a new one has popped up called “Who’s That Girl” (not to be confused with the Madonna, Eurythmics and Robyn songs with the title, of course). It’s clearly another rough demo, and one that only clocks in at just over two minutes. Have a listen to the dark jam after the jump.

[Sorry folks — had to remove the track for now.] Clarkson isn’t the type of artist who usually sings boastful lines like “How is it my fault I look this good and get away with it?” or “Once again eyes are on me and I hear them saying who’s that girl,” so it makes us think this either yet another demo for a different artist, or perhaps another diss track?

What do you think of “Who’s That Girl”?