Jenna Andrews Picks Things Up With New Single “Tumblin Down”

Idolator Staff | May 18, 2010 11:30 am

Even in this era of instant pop stars, it’s important to remember there are hugely promising new artists out there who are earning their careers the hard way, and Jenna Andrews is one great reminder. After enduring more than her share of struggle, she’s recorded a soulful debut with choice beats and guidance from hitmakers like Babyface and Max Martin. Her new single “Tumblin Down” — which we’re thrilled to offer as a FREE DOWNLOAD below — is your first and only warning: do NOT sleep on this artist.

After moving to Vancouver to pursue her music dreams, she began singing at open mic nights, barely scraping by. Now all that may be about to change: since she finally drew the attention of the music biz, she’s been hard at work on her first official album, and she now appears poised to release a very, very promising debut that blends pop, soul, jazz and torch songs. Check out first single “Tumblin Down”:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Jenna Andrews – Tumblin Down”] You can hear it in her voice: this is an artist who has traveled the hard road. But she says she did it for a reason: “I wanted to struggle, and I wanted to really, really discover myself as a musician and as a person. I just wanted to go through the pain because I felt like it was helping my music.”

She has battled insecurities over her body (even wrestling with an eating disorder), and has already paid her dues. While wringing her wallet dry to make ends meet in Vancouver, she discovered she had no money for Christmas presents. So she wrote a song for her parents, intending it as a gift. “Adore”, however, struck a chord with someone else — the owner of the studio where Jenna recorded it. He insisted her to put it up on her MySpace page, where it attracted industry attention and sent Jenna on her way to releasing her proper debut. “A great song,” she says, “resonates like nothing else in the world.”

Couldn’t have said it better. What did you think of “Tumblin Down”?