JLS Salute ‘The Sound Of Music’ In Latest Single “The Club Is Alive”

Becky Bain | May 19, 2010 11:35 am

British pop quartet JLS revealed the single art for their dance track “The Club Is Alive,” and it features all four members stopping traffic with their fierce, dreamy-eyed stares. (Though we have to agree with Pop Justice that JB looks kind of glum in the pic—maybe he’s concerned about Aston’s inability to keep his eyes on the road?) Listen to the lads’ single, which includes an interesting nod to one particular Broadway show.

[wpaudio url=”//idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/JLS-The-Club-Is-Alive.mp3″ text=”JLS – The Club Is Alive” dl=”0″] JLS start the track off with a direct Sound of Music homage, declaring “The club is alive with the sound of music.” We’re not completely sold on this musical theatre reference in this type of song, but the track (produced by Steve Mac and co-written by Andrew Frampton and Savan Kotecha) swiftly picks up the pace as it turns into a roaring electro-club dance anthem, with the boys teasing, “You can be the DJ, I could be the dancefloor, you could get up on me” during the chorus.

Many other JLS fans are not feeling this track, but we’re on the fence. Besides the Auto-Tuned Broadway musical sample giving the song its title and hook, we’re mostly digging it.

How about you? Are the boys ready to hit it big in the U.S. with this club jam? Or should they get rid of the Auto-Tune and stick to their four-part harmonies?