Today In ‘Idol’: Actually, No, Simon Cowell Doesn’t Own ‘Hallelujah’

Idolator Staff | May 20, 2010 3:00 pm

:: Idol conspiracy theorists, heel — Simon Cowell does not own any rights to “Hallelujah”. Though between Lee Dewyze’s and Alexandra Burke’s performances, we can understand why you’d wonder. [EW Popwatch]

:: British singer-songwriter Will Young, who sings the Season 9 exit song “Leave Right Now”, will perform it live on Tuesday’s show, and then again at an Instinct party. [Instinct]

:: You might guess that more and more people are tuning into Idol the closer we get to the finale — but you’d be wrong. Ratings for last night’s results show slipped 10 percent from the week-earlier show. Could it be because the entire world already knew Casey would be sent packing [MJs Big Blog]

:: Our recent guest and former Top 7 Idol finalist Anoop Desai stopped by Fox to talk about his excellent new album, All Is Fair. Have you heard it? [MyFoxNY]