Chris Brown And Tyga Strike Back In Their “Deuces” Video

Robbie Daw | May 24, 2010 8:02 am

The video for Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Deuces” has arrived, and it finds the collaborative pair hanging out in the charming confines of the Los Angeles River. But as we already heard before, “Deuces” isn’t some Grease-style ode to love. It’s more like a knife jammed into the heart of love, then twisted around to make sure it’s really, truly dead. Watch below!

We could state the obvious here and point out that Brown, who has lamented his lack of radio airplay over the past year, probably isn’t doing himself any favors by associating himself with a song where females are compared to vultures and containing lyrics like “thought it was true love but you know women lie.”

However, the photogenic singer is apparently just going to keep on doing his thing. So rock on, Breezy—but just don’t expect this one to get much play at weddings.

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