Nicole Scherzinger’s “Nobody Can Change Me” Proves She Should Stick To Dancing

Becky Bain | May 24, 2010 1:00 pm

Will Nicole Scherzinger walk away with the mirror ball trophy after her final judged performance on Dancing With The Stars tonight? We’re willing to bet yes. But how about her recording career? Nicole debuted a new track “Nobody Can Change Me” on Ryan Seacrest’s  KIIS FM radio show this morning, and after listening to the treacly pop tune, we think she has a better shot at becoming a full-time sailor than reviving her solo career anytime soon. Listen below.

Nicole Scherzinger – “Nobody Can Change Me”

Her voice sounds a little bit higher/squeakier than usual, and the overproduction of the track certainly doesn’t help—we know this girl can saaang, and this generic pop song about empowerment or independence or some other vague “let me be me” message does nothing to utilize her vocal range. Did we mention one of the lyrics is “You can’t control me like a puppet on strings, you’re not Gepetto, and I’m not Pinocchio”? Yeah. Not the sexiest lyric. And if Nicole wants to win the public back, it’s probably in her best interest to release a thumping dance track with sex appeal than an uninspired, uninteresting message song.

Nicole also declares on the track, “You’re looking for perfect, but all I can be is me.” We didn’t necessarily need perfection, but something a lot punchier than this dated, cheesy song. Maybe we’ll feel differently about it when she performs the track on the DWTS finale tomorrow… but only if she wears her sailor outfit again.