Brace Yourselves, Kelly Clarkson Fans— She’s Working With Ryan Tedder Again

Robbie Daw | May 26, 2010 10:03 am

Ready to let out a “Since U Been Gone”-esque shriek that’ll knock the glass out of your windows, Kelly Clarkson fans? Looks like the singer is ready to go through a wash, rinse, repeat cycle herself, according to Ryan Tedder. The OneRepublic frontman, who famously had a war of the words with American Idol winner Clarkson after she claimed Tedder crafted basically the same song for both her (“Already Gone”) and Beyonce (“Halo), spoke to his hometown paper the Denver Post, and said he’s busy working on new tracks for her upcoming album. Read on!

“I’m working on stuff for her next album and am personally over any of the drama between the two of us,” Tedder told the Denver Post. “It’s silly. ‘Already Gone’ is now a bigger hit than ‘Halo’ was, so I think she’s probably happy, too.”

The Prophet Blog notes, “Eh, I don’t know what chart Ryan is looking at but ‘Already Gone’ was not a bigger hit than ‘Halo’.”

Indeed, here in the States, at least, “Halo” peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #5 and has been certified double platinum, while “Already Gone” topped out at #13 and has yet to receive an RIAA certification.

And regarding Clarkson’s recently-surfaced diss track “Wash Rinse Repeat” (which contains the damning lyrics “Music from the past, from the present, well just last week/We will change a note and get away with it, wait and see”), Tedder had the following to say:

“I’m pretty sure that song was ‘somewhat’ about me … and her record label. But I actually like it—I think Kelly speaks her mind regardless of anything. She’s great with lyrics, and I love that she is her own person. She’s no puppet.”

This shouldn’t come as much of a shock. When we spoke with Tedder in December, he told us, “I do wish her the best, and if we work together in the future, then I will be a happy camper about it and let bygones be bygones.”

Geez—if these two can collaborate again, maybe there’s hope for peace in the Middle East as well?

Keep in mind, though, there has yet to be any confirmation on this news from Kelly Clarkson herself. After all, she pretty much dropped off the Twittersphere after April 29.

So what are your thoughts? Can Kelly and Ryan let water pass under the bridge and have a successful working relationship again?