‘Glee’ Goes Gaga, Performs “Bad Romance” And Wears Ridiculous Outfits

Becky Bain | May 26, 2010 11:46 am

No one was drenched in blood or wrapped in police tape, but the rest of Lady Gaga’s bizarre wardrobe was there—take the jump to watch the Glee crew strut in Gaga’s most iconic outfits during their Gleeked-out version of “Bad Romance” from last night’s “Theatricality” episode.

Glee Cast – “Bad Romance”

Hey, Santana got her own little solo during the bridge! And Brittany’s wearing a lobster hat! Kurt’s wearing those Alexander McQueen claw heels! Rachel is making the most ridiculous faces! (And she also makes a costume change mid-episode! How Gaga of her!)

There is very little to not love about this non-sequitur “Too Funky”-esque musical number—it was definitely more exciting, albeit less emotional, than reunited mother Shelby and daughter Rachel singing “Poker Face” together. However, the rest of the episode left us with dozens of questions. Ahem:

Why is barely-goth Tina not allowed to wear a tiny top hat, black clothes and purple highlights, but a half-naked bubble dress is okay to wear to school for three days straight? Why doesn’t anyone understand why Finn would be upset having to not only suddenly share his room and have his privacy invaded, but with a guy who is obviously hitting on him? Why did Shelby create this master plan of getting Rachel to come to her only to turn her away once she finally did? And does Rachel not realize that there are probably at least twelve people in New Directions who can help her sew her Gaga outfit? These are some Lost-sized mysteries, people. And like Lost, we doubt anyone will bother answering them.

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