Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Breezy In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | May 28, 2010 4:00 pm

As we’ve already seen, some folks were a less than enthused with Lee DeWyze being crowned this year’s American Idol. But that, of course, wasn’t the only thing that got the Internet buzzing this final sunny week of May. Head below to see what our readers had to say when weighing in on Justin Bieber’s new tattoo, Chris Brown’s latest video, Adam Lambert’s KISS 108 gig in Boston and Kelly Clarkson kissing and making up with her frenemy Ryan Tedder!

:: Kent lashed out after Lee’s win on Live Blog: The ‘American Idol’ Finale: “Crystal was robbed. Once again AI picks the second best. (Who do you remember? Adam and Clay or Chris and Rubin to name a few?) Why does the public continue to reward mediocrity? For a country that boasts that it is #1 in everything it certainly seems to be fearful of true excellence.”

:: Jay echoed that sentiment on Lee Dewyze’s “Beautiful Day”: Hear The Recorded Single Version: “Crystal was absolutely robbed. Looks over talent was the story for this season of American Idol.”

:: Sniff got “nasty” on ‘American Idol’: Lee DeWyze Wins, Simon Says Goodbye And, Oh, The Performances!: “Was it me or did Janet Jackson sound more like Michael than herself?”

:: Brandon Hall was less than impressed with Breezy’s latest on Chris Brown’s Totally NSFW “No Bullshit” Video: “…let him keep spending his cash on these pointless music videos that will go nowhere hell be on hes way to ‘Cash for Gold’ an car insurance commercials in no time.”

:: Me, however, had choice words for Chris’ haters: “Enjoy the silence, you self-hating, irrational, illogical, bandwagon hypocrites.”

:: wtf wasn’t very impressed with the recently-surfaced photo of Slim Shady and The Bieb we posted in Uh Oh, Usher—Justin Bieber’s New Bestie Is Eminem: “Em wtf are you doing?????????????? Age is starting to affect you! 10 years ago slim shady would of torn this beebo kid a new asshole, and would rather do a duet with vanilla ice than be seen hanging with this pop tart. damn.”

:: Concert-goer LC spilled her firsthand account of seeing The Glam One on Watch Adam Lambert And Ke$ha’s KISS 108 Boston Performances: “I will admit I went a little bit fan girl when Adam came on and security did look at me LOL!! I had a margarita in my hand too. They were probably trying to figure out how many I had.”

:: Helen Marina Sventitsky-Rother took the high road on Brace Yourselves, Kelly Clarkson Fans—She’s Working With Ryan Tedder Again: “I’m not the biggest OneRepublic fan, but, just from reading his interviews, I’ve always found Ryan Tedder to be a pretty classy guy! Glad to read that he and Kelly have sorted things out. Rock on!”

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: And finally, this week our favorite quip came in from Megan on PHOTOS: You Be The Judge—Justin Bieber’s Tattoo Real Or Fake?: “hey justin its megan its veronica friend um.. i still love u but u cheated on my bestie friend so u lie cheat and suck peace by the way Ethan says hi.”