Alicia Keys Tour Rolls On, And We’re Still Fallin’ For Her

Idolator Staff | May 31, 2010 3:59 pm

Everyone here has been all atwitter that Alicia Keys is engaged and expecting, but — in addition to providing the hook for Drake’s opening track “Fireworks” — the superwoman is hard at work wrapping up an extensive international tour. You’ve seen the photos of her performance in a cage on stage during her show, but that’s not the same as hearing her. We know someone who’s lucky enough to have caught a recent show. Watch below to see the lovely Ms. Keys playing the Arena di Verona in Italy earlier this month, and you’ll understand why skipping an opportunity to see her would be un-thinkable.

Intentional or not, her voice has a gorgeous rasp here that adds to the souful yearning she evokes on “Fallin'”, her original hit.