Adam Lambert Gets His Feathers Ruffled On The Cover Of ‘Frontiers’

Becky Bain | June 1, 2010 1:34 pm

Adam Lambert is the cover boy for the June issue of local Los Angeles gay mag Frontiers (check out a scan of the article here), and we’re happy to see Ad’s snake imagery has reemerged in the form of a gold choker. Hot.

In the Q&A, Adam discusses his favorite pop tunes of the moment (La Roux, Gaga, Christina and Mike Snow), how the gay community was split over his controversial AMA performance, and readying his Glam Nation tour (which will have a New Orleans/voodoo theme). But our favorite exchange in the interview is definitely when Adam has to choose between Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, and gives a hilarious (and honest) answer.

Asks the Frontiers reporter to Adam:

Who would you rather—Ryan Seacrest of Simon Cowell?

Who would I rather what?

You know what I mean

Ew. Neither one of them is my type at all. They’re both too old for me. I like pretty boys in their early to mid-twenties. Make sure you print that.

Meow! Ryan is only 35, so he’s not that old. Maybe he’s just getting back at Seacrest for his inappropriate tongue-wagging comments made during Adam’s guest mentoring stint on Idol?

If Adam does end up hooking up with someone famous, we just hope it’s not Lance Bass, who seems like an awfully nice guy, but it’s way too convenient a Hollywood pair-up. Who do you want to see The Glambert paint the town with, folks? Or should he just stay single and concentrate on his music for as long as possible?