Ciara Takes A Break From Sex, Heads To The Club With “Get It Girl”

What’s this? A Ciara brand new song that somehow doesn’t revolve around sex? And not even one reference to her “toaster”? Oh, CiCi, you wicked torturer—don’t tell us you’re shutting us off! Head below to listen to the “Ride” diva’s club jam “Get It Girl”.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ciara – Get It Girl” dl=”0″] That’s it—you tell all those “other broads,” Ciara. See, if she isn’t making music about getting her blauw on, she’s usually cutting tracks that sass-talk back to all the haters. (Reminder: there is no beef between Ciara and Keri Hilson. No, really…)

It kind of makes us wonder what the singer gets up to in her down time—you know, when she’s not getting her freak on or pulling wigs off at the club. Like, can you actually picture Ciara playing Scrabble or watching HGTV?

Shudder. No, CiCi—NO! Please—back to the sex jams, STAT.