Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Miley In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | June 4, 2010 4:00 pm

School may be out for summer, but American Idol sure isn’t. This week Idolator reader’s had plenty to say about which AI champ they feel had the most winning moment throughout the series’ nine seasons. There was also much love for Kylie Minogue’s “All The Lovers” music video and Sky Ferreira’s new single “One.” But when it came to Miley Cyrus’ Billboard interview, some readers just couldn’t be tamed. Sift through the cream of this week’s comments below!

:: Cristian Goristieta had harsh words for The Seven Classiest Quotes From Miley Cyrus’ Billboard Cover Story: “well I’ve really tried so many times to defend her but it’s so hard when she comes off as dumb as she does… I can’t even believe how shallow and stupid she makes herself sound in this interview!”

:: Justlee just loved Sky Ferreira Releases “One” Awesome Track From Her Debut Album: “i love sky ferreira! she is such a refreshing young artist who doesn’t sound like most bubble pop teen singers out there”

:: KW offered some advice on Lee DeWyze Is Having A Bad Day With The Low Sales Of “Beautiful Day”: “I loved Lee’s acoustic version of Beautiful Day that he sang on both Access Hollywood and Regis and Kelly. I think they should release that version on ITUNES. I think alot of people would buy that. It sounded more like the Lee we love!”

:: Catherine Ann Hale let her unabashed Cookieism shine on Which American Idol Champ Had The Best Winning Moment?: “The David Cook winning moment was one of the all time greatest tv moments ever. The way his head fell back when his name was announced, immediately turning his attention to Archie, hugging him, his hand over his face, bending at the waist while shaking with sobs, turning and walking to the back of the stage with his fist clinched in his mouth, trying to hold it in, then bending forward again, finally coming up with a smile, wiping his eyes, all while the audience hooped and hollered and roared like I’ve never heard before… WOW, it just does not get better than that!”

:: Brandon Hall, however, was feeling the Velvet Teddybear more: “I’ll give it to Rubben Studdard on this one because that was probably thee most climatic finale to date it was two odd balls- vocally & visually – in the final two with two very different sounds and personalties going toe to toe and he was the victor very nice and genuinely humbling display.”

:: Meanwhile, Carey brought up an interesting point: “Kris should have the highest ranking of all the past winners for acknowledging his runner-up. He essentially said he shouldn’t have won, that Adam deserved it. Speaking later, he managed to say that they both deserved it, but in the moment, he gave Adam full recognition and co-winner status.”

:: thumper had two simple words for “All The Lovers” In Kylie Minogue’s New Video Are (Semi-)Naked: “love it”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Finally, this week’s ultimate zinger came from Vonne on Ke$ha’s Leaked Glee Audition Tape (No, Really!): “Stop comparing Lady gaga to other people, That ishh gets Annoying Not everyone that Dresses out-of-the-box is trying to copy lady gaga, The only person trying to copy lady gaga is christina aguilera.”

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