The 7 Classiest Quotes From Adam Lambert’s ‘Frontiers’ Cover Story

Robbie Daw | June 7, 2010 1:53 pm

This summer is already shaping up to be an extremely glitter-drenched one. And with Adam Lambert’s tour now under way, we picked up the issue of Frontiers featuring his Royal Glamness’ cover story to get our latest fix of the Season 8 American Idol star. (We have to kill the time somehow while we wait for the “If I Had You” video!) Head below to see the classy quotes we rounded up from Glambert’s interview in the local L.A. mag!


* On being a the first openly gay mainstream pop artist in America to be launched on a major label: “It definitely comes with its pressure, for sure, but the thing I keep telling myself whenever the pressure starts looming is that I’ve been doing what I’ve always done, just on a larger scale now, so it’s not so bad!”

* On his fans: “Well, there is the occasional fan that takes it a little too far, but for every one of those fans there are 10 amazing new people that I meet. Every once in awhile you meet someone who’s just a little bit cuckoo, but the fact is that they’re all very positive and supportive.”

* On reading about himself online: “It’s funny, because it’s so easy to hear the negative and not the positive, especially if you make the mistake of looking at the Internet, where everybody whines and bitches about everything. So one of the things that I’ve been working on in the past couple months in particular is to really focus on positivity and really just enjoy myself and enjoy what I do…”

* On this year’s lackluster season of American Idol: “It’s a talent competition, they hold auditions every year, and this year it was just a different vibe. The majority of the contestants were singer-songwriters, and that style has a lot of integrity and heart, and i think there’s definitely a place for that in music.”

* On the gay community’s response to his music: “At first I didn’t know if the gay community was really into this or not—what I’m doing. And then slowly but surely I was traveling internationally and domestically and met a lot of gay men and women who were really excited about what’s going on with my record and what I’m doing, and it feels really nice for my community to acknowledge it.”

* On the response to his American Music Awards performance within the gay community: “…it’s funny because there was a generational divide within the gay community. There were some more conservative gays that were like, “You shouldn’t be doing that. You’re painting us in a bad light, making us look trashy.” And I remember thinking to myself, as proud as I am to be a member of the gay and lesbian community, it’s not my job to paint a picture of the community.”

* On whether he’d rather do the nasty with Simon Cowell or Ryan Seacrest: “Ew. Neither one of them is my type at all. They’re both too old for me. I like pretty boys in their early-to-mid twenties. Make sure you print that.”

Give a gold star to Adam for capping it all off with a zinger in response to a rather trashtastic question. Bravo, Glambert—you’ve proven yourself to be quite a classy guy. Especially when your quotes are held up against some of the ones from your peers in the pop game.