Lil Wayne Phones From Prison To Rap On Drake’s “Light Up”

Idolator Staff | June 9, 2010 12:45 pm

How eager is Lil Wayne to maintain his reputation as the best rapper alive while he’s locked up? Badly enough that when Cash Money’s CEO chided that he might not be able to keep up with Drake and Jay-Z on the latter’s “Light Up”, Wayne decided to phone in a verse from prison. If you thought Weezy went a little overboard cranking out nine music videos in one weekend (including this one) just to keep fans satisfied during his stint behind bars, wait til you hear him reference Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” in this incredible verse.

To hear Drake himself tell the tale — as he did in a Fuse TV interview the other day — this only-in-Lil-Wayne’s-life episode began when Mack, the CEO of Wayne’s record label, Cash Money, told him that he “couldn’t hang” with Drake and Jay-Z on “Light Up”‘s ominous rhymes. Wayne evidently took the joke as a challenge, and decided to call in during Drake’s Ustream session the next day. Watch below — and apologies in advance for the choppy video quality — as Wayne riffs on Nelson Mandela, Tupac and the nature of his unusual contribution to Thank Me Later‘s best (arguably) track:

We haven’t heard a verse from behind bars this good since … when? Shyne’s “For The Record”? Or, as a commenter on Vulture suggested, Supa Nate from OutKast’s “Nathaniel”? You be the judge.

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