The Latest Unreleased Ke$ha Track To Work Its Way Online: “N-N-N-Neva Baby”

Robbie Daw | June 9, 2010 11:58 am

Yes, pop fans, it’s time once more for angels to softly caress your eardrums with the little piece of heaven that is another unreleased Ke$ha song. This time around, $ takes a further step toward restructuring the English language with her curiously-titled “N-N-N-Neva Baby.” And the charming ditty finds Ms. Sebert so Auto-Tuned on the chorus, she sounds like a squeaky-voiced infant. Yaaaay! Listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ke$ha – N-N-N-Neva Baby” dl=”0″] The be-feathered vixen is a true poet! You know, this actually sounds like something Ke$ha’s pals 3OH!3—two more masters of the craft—would have come up with.

And given that “N-N-N-Neva Baby” appears to be in demo form, do we sense yet another duet coming on? (Pray, children. Pray loud, so God can hear you.)