Michelle Branch And Timbaland Make A “Getaway” Together

Robbie Daw | June 9, 2010 12:47 pm

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that before Avril, Kelly, Taylor and the Veronicas all came along and staked their claim on Planet Pop-Rock, 18-year-old Arizona native Michelle Branch commercialized the sound for the new millennium crowd of female singers with hits like “All You Wanted,” “Everywhere” and “Goodbye To You.” Check out the video for her latest offering, the Timbaland-produced “Getaway,” after the jump!

“Getaway,” recorded as a tie-in with MINI’s new set of wheels The Countryman, is Branch’s follow-up to her 2009 single “Sooner Or Later.” Her material with The Wreckers aside, Michelle hasn’t released a solo album since Hotel Paper in 2003—and that one appeared to get lost in the shuffle when legal issues between Maverick Records founder Madonna and parent company Warner Bros. developed.

Annoyingly, the label drama seems to keep dogging the singer. The Prophet Blog notes that “Michelle addressed the status of her upcoming third solo album back in March in a blog entry directed at her fans, blaming label problems for the reason that her record has yet to see the light of day.” (Note: it’s an entry we recall reading ourselves, but it now seems to have been removed.)

The release of “Getaway” appears to be a step in the right direction, at least. Now, if only Warner Bros. could get the spelling of the single right on Branch’s website

Oh, well—hooray for new music from Michelle!