Stop The Pre$$e$: Stephen Finally Called Ke$ha!

Robbie Daw | June 10, 2010 11:48 am

That Grape Juice sat down with prolific songwriter and feather enthusiast Ke$ha (in a blinding orange kitchen) and managed to break major news about the singer. No, we’re not referring to her mentioning how she woke up recently in Tokyo and had ideas for her next album rolling around in her head. (Ke$ha, darling, those were probably just empties from the night before on your pillow.) We mean the dude (or, as she refers to him, “this idiot” who “I’ve been stalking since I was 15”) from her song “Stephen,” and how he finally called her. Watch Ke$ha’s full interview—and read our list of the best quotes from it—after the jump.


* “I’ve just had to learn how to do this—I don’t know what I’m doing—I really just had to learn how to do all of this in a very short amount of time.”

* On appearing on a toilet seat in Taio Cruz’s “Dirty Picture” video: “That was Taio. He was like, get on the toilet and look sexy, and I was like, alright, deal.”

* “[Rihanna is] one of my generation’s icons in the making, and I feel like in 30 years people will look back on this decade and her name will definitely be included in that sentence, of the icons.”

* On her next album: “I’m starting to kind of think about it now… There’s definitely going to be a difference [from Animal]. I’m always changing and evolving, and because I write all my music it’ll be reflected in the record. I think that it will still stay fun and young and irreverent, but it’ll be a little different.”

* Britney Spears or Lady Gaga?: “Fuck no. I like them both.”

* Pink or Christina Aguilera?: “I relate maybe a little more to Pink.”