Robyn Takes Over Idolator

Robbie Daw | June 17, 2010 7:51 am

Good morning (or for those of you overseas, konichiwa). Today we’re trying something a bit different here on Idolator, and it should be a lot of fun: we’re handing over the reins to pop’s ultimate dancehall queen, Robyn. Throughout the day, she’ll be sharing some special features and her take on the latest music news — pretty much whatever she wants. (We offered some suggestions of stories for her to tackle, to which she promptly cued up her new album opener “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”.)

Which brings us to the cause for the arrival of today’s special contributor: Robyn’s latest electro-pop odyssey, the mini album Body Talk Pt. 1, was released this week! And by now, after our ravings over her music video for “Dancing On My Own,” our salivating over her upcoming All Hearts Tour with Kelis and our chomping at the bit over each collaboration she’s done up to this point, you know we here in this office are all fans of her cobrastyle. (After all, anyone who can bust these moves and cover Alicia Keys with such conviction gets props from us.) Seriously, we’re humbled that one of the world’s craftiest pop geniuses agreed to share a little of her time with us.

So crank up Body Talk, sit back and refresh the site periodically to see what our favorite fembot has posted!

Check out her eclectic video playlist, hot set of exclusive photos and her interview with Kelis!

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