Iyaz’s New Track “So Big” Makes Him Ask—Beyonce And Rihanna Who?

Becky Bain | June 17, 2010 10:04 am

How much does Iyaz love the subject of his latest slice of dance-pop, the infectious “So Big”? So much that if Rihanna or Beyoncé (in an alternate universe where both ladies were not already in relationships, mind you) came up to him and asked to be ravaged all night long, he would turn them down. Now that’s commitment. Listen to the catchy little tune, Iyaz’s third single from his debut LP, by taking the jump.

Iyaz – “So Big”

Iyaz – “So Big” by kaylai31

“A girl like you / I don’t care who passes my way / Rihanna or Beyonce,” sings Iyaz.  We’re not so sure ladies boy Justin Bieber could do the same thing.But we applaud Iyaz not only for showcasing his sensitive side in all his singles thus far, we give the guy major props for continuing to release incredibly catchy songs.

Are you digging this song? And would you pass up both RiRi and Beyonce if they got their flirt on with you?