Uffie And Pharrell Take A Joyride In “ADD SUV”

Becky Bain | June 18, 2010 11:00 am

In the video for her latest single “ADD SUV” from her album Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans, Uffie rides shotgun in a car cruising through Hollywood (in a mini-chase with Pharrell, who’s behind the wheel in a lipstick-spackled convertible, not an SUV). But before you complain, just think: “California Gurls” didn’t take place in California, and what in the heck did anything in the “Telephone” video have to do with the actual song? So we’ll give it up to Uffie for at least having some sort of automobile in her clip. Hop on board and catch it below.

Uffie feat. Pharrell – “ADD SUV”

The video, directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, employs a comic book-style, with word bubbles floating off screen and bright-and-bold graphics. Looks like Uffie, who hails from Paris, is really trying to make it here in America by taking on some good ol’ U.S.A. iconography:

Picture 3
Is there room for both Uffie and Ke$ha here in The States? We think so, as we never really could see why people compare those two acts as much as they do—sure, both young blondes make dance music and drown their voices in Auto-Tune, but Uffie, whose sound is much more electro-based, is much more subtle and mellow than Ke$ha’s proud-to-be-bad outrageousness. (And we do think the universe is telling us something, given that this video surfaced the same day that Uffie’s pal Pharrell appeared in a video by his own group that closely resembles Ke$ha’s most recent clip).

Actually, we think we prefer both girls combined into one trash-talkin’, two-headed, robot-voiced animal:

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