The 7 Classiest Quotes From Kylie Minogue’s ‘Billboard’ Interview

Robbie Daw | June 22, 2010 2:48 pm

Human pyramid enthusiast Kylie Minogue is only two weeks away from the release of her 11th album Aphrodite, and so it was high time the folks at Billboard grilled the Aussie pop queen about fame, touring and all those other pop tarts out there shaking a glitter-splashed tailfeather. That of course was our cue to round up Kylie’s classiest quotes from the one-on-one with the trade publication. Check them out below!


* On being a pop music veteran: “I’m going to be put out to pasture soon.”

* On how Stuart Price came to executive produce Aphrodite: “In the most caring, loving GBF [gay best friend] kind of way, Jake [Shears] basically pestered me to work with Stuart.”

* On her current rivals vying for electro-pop queen bee status: “Been there, done that, got the uncomfortable-looking latex corset.”

* On current single “All The Lovers,” which debuted at #4 on the UK singles chart this week: “I feel like it’s spreading joy. Which is the best thing I could ever have wished for.”

* “Fame is a a very weird thing and it can be confusing at times. The reason performing live is so addictive is that that’s where [fame] makes sense. People are there to see you, you’re there to show yourself, you’re all there to share an experience and be in a frenzy.”

* “Onstage, you don’t have to deal with the real world—you deal with the world you’ve created. To have that great energy, nothing else can beat it. So you could call me an addict.”

* On why she finally toured in North America for the first time last year: “I was just getting really tired of my answers for why I’d never toured there. Something just clicked and I thought, ‘If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.'”

Well, we’re glad you did, Kylie. And, hey—dig out the latex corset, why don’t you? After all, there are more youngsters out there who’d be into it than you think!