Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Star In A Sci-Fi Movie, Fight In A Swamp

Becky Bain | June 24, 2010 12:50 pm

80s teen sensation Debbie (it’s Deborah now, but just we can’t call her that) Gibson recently starred in the sci-fi B-movie (so bad it should be called an F-movie) Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and now she’s not the only nostalgic mall pop star to get in on the sweet sci-fi action: Gibson will team up with none other than Tiffany—yes, “I Think We’re Alone Now” Tiffany—for the SyFy network movie Mega Python Vs. Gataroid. We will certainly be watching this from our couch while wearing our biggest hoop earrings, bedazzliest jean jacket and warmest leg warmers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Debbie and Tiffany will get not only try to kick start their careers with this cheesy sci-fi flick—they’ll also fight one another! In a swamp!

Gibson will play a fanatical animal-rights activist who frees illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores, sending them into the Everglades, where they grow to mega sizes. Tiffany will play an overzealous park ranger who uses dangerous methods to save endangered alligators. In the script, the pair brawl at a party, then take matters outside into the swamp.

Congrats all you patient middle-aged males out there who have been fantasizing about these 80s pop icons battling it out in a moist environment since you were in middle school. It took awhile, but it’s finally happening!

This begs the question—which pop stars are going head-to-head in a SyFy movie in 20 years? Britney and Christina? Miley vs. Demi vs. Selena? Ke$ha vs. Evil Ke$ha? Leave us your pop star sci-fi pair-up wishlist in the comments!