Shakira Covers The XX’s “Islands” At Glastonbury

Becky Bain | June 28, 2010 11:15 am

Shakira surprised us last month by going indie and covering The xx’s “Islands.” We only got a snippet back then, but the Colombian singer treated us to her full-length version at Glastonbury Festival this past weekend. Sadly, no Kylie Minogue/Scissor Sisters-style duet between Shakira and The xx crew (who also performed at the fest) occurred on stage, and there was minimal hip-shaking as well, but her upbeat take on the haunting song is worth a peek at least. Watch below.

Shakira – “Islands” (Live)

Shakira is so adorable bouncing around the stage barefoot, flipping her hair, singing with a giant smile on her face. We like seeing her perform while laid back in jeans and a tank top, actually looking comfortable, than in any of that glittery bellydancing get-ups or those uber-sexual catsuits. (We may be alone on that one, though.)

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