A Possibly-Married Katy Perry Performs “California Gurls” In The U.K.

Becky Bain | June 29, 2010 12:20 pm

Katy Perry took a vacation from Candyfornia to head on over to the Graham Norton Show in the U.K., home of her fiance Russell Brand—or is it her husband? Katy revealed more than her peppermint-wrapped cleavage while performing “California Gurls” on the British talk show—she also let slip that she may already be Mrs. Brand. Watch Katy’s performance and her “oops” moment below.

During her interview with Graham, Katy referred to Russell’s mother as her “mother-in-law” (at :19), and while discussing how great her beau is (at :35), she says “That’s why I married him.” Wuh-oh! Somebody doesn’t know how to keep a secret!

Katy doesn’t confirm nor really deny that she’s married—”Let’s keep the guess pressing!” she declares. But we think this knowing wink says it all.

Picture 3
Unless of course that was just a face spasm. Either way, congrats?