The-Dream Releases An Epic (And Boring) Music Video Trilogy

Becky Bain | June 30, 2010 12:30 pm

Epic videos are all the rage nowadays, and it appears The-Dream has taken it as his mission to outdo them all, releasing a three-song music video with a trio of tracks from his Love King album, which dropped yesterday. Unfortunately, clocking in at 13 minutes (!), Dream’s thee-song story is a chore to get through, not only because we’ve developed ADD from spending too much time on the Internet, but because nothing particularly interesting happens in the video. Diner poisoning, ginger genocide, and robot breakdancing this is not. If you’re willing to part with a quart of an hour, head below to watch “Yamaha,” “Nikki Pt. 2” and “Abyss.”

The-Dream – “Yamaha,” “Nikki Pt. 2” and “Abyss”

The video kicks off with The-Dream singing in front of a line of an all-female, Robert Palmer-fashioned backup band, likening his latest honey to a Yamaha motorcycle. At least that’s a tad more appealing than being compared to a jeep in R. Kelly’s “You Remind Me Of Something.” But ultimately, this video trilogy is like a shorter, less entertaining version of R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. You’d think a song about a girl “fucking with my house” would inspire a more exciting video, no?

Video aside, the tracks themselves leave us wanting more, since they come off as not-so-subtle Prince rip-offs—”Yamaha” could have been penned by the Purple One himself (not exactly a compliment), and Prince himself already recorded his sexploits with a girl named Nikki.

Are we expecting too much from the Love King, or are you not feeling this snooze of a trilogy, either?