Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Archuleta In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | July 2, 2010 5:30 pm

This week we witnessed onstage tears from both Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and heard new music from former American Idol contestants David Archuleta and Kelly Clarkson. Meanwhile, Kanye West got a sword jammed in his ear, Maroon 5 got their butts kicked and Kylie Minogue pulled our heartstrings. See how our readers reacted too all this pop activity after the jump in our weekly roundup of the site’s comments!

:: Jamaica My Way offered some food for thought on Review Revue: Chris Brown’s Tearjerking BET Awards Performance: “I think people just need to drop what the dude did last year and give him some credit for trying to remain in the entertainment bizz. Does anyone take into account that he KNOWS what everyone thinks of him and is pushing forward anyways?”

:: jbeckford wasn’t biting, though: “in response to jamaica my way…he can keep making all the music he wants…i don’t have to listen or buy it. i don’t support men who beat women…his penance is that he LOST his career over it.”

:: Brandon Hall approved of the visual display in Adam Levine Gets His Butt Kicked In Maroon 5’s “Misery” Video: “What? A Music video somehow relating to the basis of the song on any given level, in todays world? Wow! Stellar video, finally someone gets it.”

:: Lydia & Emma kept optimistic on Life’s A Beach For Cody Simpson In His “iYiYi” Video: “we adore cody simpson and we just know that heis going 2 be bigger than justin.b … we love you x x x x :)”

:: Mercury wrote swiftly on Heads Up: Kanye West’s “Power” Artwork Has Arrived: “It’s a biblical reference. There was a king was killed by a sword in his ear. I forget his name but I remember the story vividly.”

:: The Synging Budgie dripped with sarcasm on Kylie Minogue Covers Attitude, Pulls “Heartstrings” On Aphrodite Bonus Track: “Gasp! Obviously they canned this one because there are moments–BRIEF, moments, chyldren, nothing more than a flash here or there of course–where The Lesser Minogue actually seems to be **** SHOCKGASPTREMBLEAWE**** singing in an adult woman’s voice.”

:: Selena Gomaz, who is apparently the same person as Selena Gomez, was thankful on Selena Gomez Goes “Round And Round” On New Single: “hey everyone it is selena gomaz here. i just wanted to say thanks sooooo very much for all of ur support and i hope u like my new song round and round”

:: trezoc raved on David Archuleta Grows Up With New Single “Something ‘Bout Love”: “Total earworm…Can’t get this outta my head!! My boyfirend is walkin around humming this LOL and his not particularly a fan!”

:: c80 agreed: “Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune. Wouldn’t be a David Archuleta song without a key change, killer bridge and vocal range that eliminates all others. I think the techno/electronica/dance vibe and groove is just throwing people for a loop, those who can’t quite grasp or believe David could pull off a song like this. It is what it is – and it’s darn good.”

:: gerry concurred: “the usual outstanding pipes of david james, this time with the club vibe! all that jive needs to put in is an outstanding cutting edge video for this grand hook!”

COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Finally, LA_wrence supplied this (unintentional?) zinger on A Possibly-Married Katy Perry Performs “California Gurls” In The UK: “I love Katy Perry shes so refreshing and fun, although being a guy I cant really blast her music in my car the way I want to.”