We Break Down Chris Brown’s Weepy Week

Becky Bain | July 2, 2010 4:18 pm

Have you barely been able to keep up with the incessant updates following the aftermath of Chris Brown’s BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson? Well, we’ve got a nice and handy recap of Crygate 2010 for you heading into your holiday weekend.

Sunday: Chris Brown breaks down in the middle of his Michael Jackson tribute, barely being able to get a lyric out during “Man in the Mirror.” Weeping ensues. Kanye and Prince are probably both pissed their thunder is stolen from the show.

Monday: Most bloggers and music critics’ opinions from our round-up find Brown’s on-stage cryfest to be less-than-genuine (at least regarding his emotion for Michael Jackson). Brown tweets “My fans are my world”, so he could care less what bloggers and music critics think.

Tuesday: The vote was almost split even in our poll, but the majority of Idolator readers thought Breezy is on his way to a comeback thanks to his emotional performance at the BET Awards.

Wednesday: Jermaine Jackson says that he thought Chris’ tribute to his late brother was “emotional” and that we need to remind ourselves that “Chris is a human being, and we all make mistakes.”

Thursday: A source for Us Weekly reveals that Brown’s tears were faked by help of eye drops. Scandal!

Friday: A BET executive comes to Brown’s defense, claiming those reports that he faked his sobbing breakdown to manipulate people to like him again are “not true” and “as someone who was backstage, there was nothing fake about that.”

What a week! No doubt this saga will continue well into the rest of July, when it’s revealed that Chris doesn’t really have tear ducts, or that he was really was crying, but only when thinking about the World Cup.