Lil Wayne’s “We Be Steady Mobbin'”: Another Week, Another Music Video

Robbie Daw | July 6, 2010 8:52 am

Don’t think that a minor factor like Gucci Mane being released from prison a mere week before Lil Wayne himself was hauled off to the pokey was going to stop the pair from collaborating on DJ Scoob Doo’s video for “We Be Steady Mobbin’.” After all, we’re fully aware that Weez shot nine vids over one weekend before his jail stint began—something that’s apparent from the on-a-budget nature of this clip, wherein Weezy struts around his home and taps his cigarette ash into one of his Grammys. Classy! (Warning: this jam is NSFW.)

Geez—someone smuggle Weezy a belt in a cake, would you? MTV reports that “We Be Steady Mobbin'” and behind-the-scenes clips that Scoob Doo shot will appear on the DJ’s Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition DVD, and that it previews his and Wayne’s The Nino Brown Story Part 3 DVD project.

“I chose the title of Entourage because this is—in my opinion—the heavy hitters of the game,” Scoob told MTV News about the preview project, which will also feature Jadakiss and Drake. “It happens that I have personal relationships with them. It made sense not to sit on the footage, not to sit on the exclusive content. A lot of people are waiting for that Nino Brown Story with Lil Wayne. But this is something you can watch to keep you in suspense and satisfy that hunger.”

Don’t worry about our hunger, Doo. At the rate Wayne is going, it’s more like the need for a light snack.