Stream M.I.A.’s New Album While She Films Her New Video On A Flip Cam

Becky Bain | July 7, 2010 11:20 am

MAYA (or /\/\/\Y/\, if you want to take the extra time to type that) is streaming in full over at M.I.A.’s MySpace Music page. She left off the bonus tracks from the deluxe edition, so if you want to hear one such track “Internet Connection,” jump below. And here’s anther bonus for you: Maya talks about filming her next video on a Flip cam and producing a track for none other than Jay-Z. Has the girl lost her mind?

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”M.I.A. – Internet Connection” dl=”0″]

The song opens with a telemarketing cold call, and continues with a sparse beat (which includes a dog barking) underneath Maya’s raps about how she’s “down on my Internet connection.” Poor thing! We don’t know what we’d do without access to the web at any given moment. (Although we’re sure Prince would have some suggestions on how to fill up our time since he apparently doesn’t need an Internet provider.)

For such a web-savy girl with a personal vendetta against YouTube, M.I.A. seems more than happy to embrace the do-it-yourself filmmaking that made that site such a mass success. The singer nabbed visionary hip-hop music video director Hype Williams to film the vid for her single “XXXO,” but just because you have Hype on board, it doesn’t mean your video will have a huge budget. Maya is helping out the video mastermind by shooting part of her video on her Flip cam.

“I’m gonna edit in some Hype Williams footage and some Flip footage, and you guys can check out the video really soon,” she said during a radio interview on 102.7 KIIS FM. “I’ve been sort of animating and shit and stuff.”

What we’re even more excited for is the track Maya left off her album that she claims is perfect for Jay-Z. “That’s the best one that I had for my album which never made it,” she tells MTV. ” [It was] the first song I was really into and the song that actually made my album go in the direction it did, [but it] never actually made the album. But I want to give it to [Jay-Z], because I think it suits him more. It’s insane. He’s never done anything like that.”

We’re not so sure Hova is into leftovers, but since he was so keen to hop on board the “XXXO” remix, we think Jay has a soft spot for Maya. He just might record it! And then she can film the video using her webcam.

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