Grammys Change Best New Artist Rules One Year Too Late For Gaga

Becky Bain | July 7, 2010 1:45 pm

Likely due to Lady Gaga’s snub last year in the Best New Artist category, the Grammy Academy has changed the eligibility rules when nominating new artists. So how does this effect next year’s race?

The rules previously stipulated that if an artist was ever nominated for a Grammy, they were then not eligible to compete for Best New Artist, even if they were only nominated as a featured artist on someone else’s track. Now, artists can be eligible as long as they have never actually won a Grammy, and if they hadn’t released a full album prior to the year they are considered a new artist.

“More and more, the first release of a new artist is as a featured artist on someone else’s album or the new artist may release a single long before the release of his/her/their entire first album,” the Grammy Academy said in a statement.

“By current rules, if the other artist’s album or the new artist’s single receives a nomination, the new artist may never have the opportunity to compete in the Best New Artist category. With this change, each artist will have at least one opportunity to enter in this important and highly visible category.”

Thankfully, this means Janelle Monae can be nominated for Best New Artist, as she was nominated in 2009 for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for “Many Moons,” but didn’t win. In fact, Monae is our number one pick for winning the award in 2011. Sure, there’s still about six months left til the next Grammy Awards, but that’s how much we think Monae is going to blow up this year (more than she already has).

Which new artist are you putting your money on to win in next year’s ceremony? Susan Boyle? La Roux? Nicki Minaj? Bruno Mars? Adam Lambert? Ke$ha? Throw your fave new artist pick in the comments and let begin the debate!