You Be The Judge—Which Song Should Win An Emmy?

Becky Bain | July 8, 2010 1:05 pm

The Emmy nominees were announced this morning, and although Glee scored more nominations than any other show (raise your jazz hands for 19 noms!), they were completely left out of the Best Music/Lyrics category. Maybe they’ll fair better next year if Ryan Tedder follows through and composes an original track for the show?

Even without Lea Michele’s Broadway-fashioned belt in this crop of songs, there’s some interesting choices among this year’s nominees—Family Guy gets predictably offensive, Neil Patrick Harris waxes poetic about his three-piece suit, and Rihanna gets awkward around a super shy Andy Samberg. Check out the six nominees for Best Music/Lyrics below!

Family Guy – “Down Syndrome Girl”

How I Met Your Mother – “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”

Monk – “When I’m Gone”

Rescue Me – “How Lovely To Be A Vegetable”

Believe it or not, the Internet doesn’t have everything. This musical number from the FX show is still MIA on the web, so in the meantime, head on over to the A.V. Club and read a recap of the episode it hails from, “Disease.” We’ll have to take Emmy voters’ words for it that this Busby Berkeley-esque number deserves to be nominated.

Saturday Night Live – “Shy Ronnie”

Treme – “I’ll Fly Away”

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Treme Brass Band – I’ll Fly Away” dl=”0″] “I’ll Fly Away” is actually a hymn written in 1929. You might recognize it from being on the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack, performed by Alison Kraus and Gillian Welch. So basically, it’s not an original song, but a cover. Did Emmy voters mean to nominate another, original song from the show’s soundtrack? Do they know that they nominated a non-original song? Are non-original songs even eligible? And if so, why doesn’t Glee own this category?

UPDATE: A wise commenter pointed out the song in question is Steve Earle’s original composition “This City” from the Treme finale. Confusing, since the song “I’ll Fly Away” is on the soundtrack, and the episode in question is also called “I’ll Fly Away.” Looks like the list we took the nominees from must have been confused themselves. In any case, song below!

Treme – “This City”

Regardless, as much as we love anything Neil Patrick Harris does (especially while wearing a suit), we’re hoping for a “Shy Ronnie” win, and we hope Andy Samberg accepts his award as Shy Ronnie.

What song are you rooting for come Emmy night?