Hot Mama Kelis Discusses Collaborating With Her Son On ‘Flesh Tone’

Becky Bain | July 8, 2010 2:15 pm

Idolator fave and picnic mastermind Kelis sat down for an interview with the New York Post‘s Pop Wrap, and the “4th of July” songstress discussed separating herself from the rest of the music industry, recording in her home, and sharing writing credits on Flesh Tone with her then-still-unborn son Knight. Watch below!

“I need to be able to separate myself,” Kelis explains while referring to the stress of working with the pressure of a label. “So not being signed and just doing a record in my house for myself was the best thing for me, because there were no judgments or ideas, I’m writing and working and fleshing things out.”

As for what it was like recording insider her own home, Kelis says, “I was really relaxing. It was before the baby was born, so I was literally, figuratively filled with life.”

Baby Knight, whose father is rapper Nas, inspired Flesh Tone in an extremely direct way. In fact, Kelis claims he’s the album’s co-writer! Says the singer:

“The actual physicality of being pregnant, it seems like nothing should work properly, but it’s just amazing how God kinda figures it out… my lungs are over here, my spleens in my throat, it was ridiculous! It literally flowed out, and feeling this little alien inside of you responding to your voice is nuts. I felt like we were writing together… Knight hears tracks on Flesh Tone and he turns his head like he has heard them before… It’s because he is part of each track, he was there, inside me when I recorded them.”

So adorable. Make sure to check out this proud mama on tour with Robyn this summer.

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