Prince Gets—What Else?—Funky On ’20Ten’ Bonus Track “Laydown”

Becky Bain | July 9, 2010 11:44 am

Since Prince is giving away his album 20Ten for free this Saturday in copies of The Daily Mirror and The Daily Record (you lucky Brits!), he shouldn’t mind us sharing one of the bonus tracks, the funky jam “Laydown,” over here in The States. (Of course, he’d probably prefer if we distributed the song on a cassette and individually mailed it with our analysis to all of you via snail mail, since nobody uses the Internet any longer.) Listen below.

Prince – “Laydown”

Prince – “Laydown” by Some Kind of Awesome

“From the heart of Minnesota, here come the purple Yoda, guaranteed to bring a dirty new sound,” croons Prince on this sexy, electric-guitar-infused, uptempo slice of pure 70s funk. We’re not sure how “new” this sound actually sounds, but at least this track comes off as classic Prince, and not like his previously released song “Cause And Effect,” a bizarre, cacophonous tune we still don’t know what to make of.

Are you loving this latest track? Or do you at least like it more than 20Ten‘s sketchy cover art? And if you’re needing more of the Purple One’s new tunes, YouTube is more than happy to help you out for the time being.