Susan Boyle Dreams Up Her Own Singing Competition

Idolator Staff | July 10, 2010 2:30 pm

You know the story of everyone’s favorite witty Scottish lady, the one with those powerhouse pipes: Prior to becoming one of the world’s most successful (and unexpected) entertainers, the adorable Susan Boyle lived a simple life at home with her cat Pebbles, sang in the church choir, dreamed a dream and then nearly made YouTube implode. But since one SuBo isn’t enough, Susan is launching her own singing competition: Susan’s Search, where one lucky unknown talent’s dream of rocking out with the SuBo will become a reality.

Watch her explain (in her inimitable brogue, with subtitles!) below:

“Well, when I did Britain’s Got Talent, I was given a chance by Simon Cowell to show what I could do. This got me thinking about people who maybe missed the opportunity, so I came up with the idea for Susan’s Search,” the Scottish sensation explains  in a video on her website.

The obvious question: is Simon Cowell (who has shaped SuBo’s rise and career) pulling the puppet strings here? We’re not sure yet, but we do know that Susan herself will be judging video submissions of “Silent Night” via her YouTube channel, and the winner will record a duet with Susan on her forthcoming album.

It’s a sweet move for Susan and makes for pretty clever marketing. Part of us, however, still wishes she’d opt for a diva-licious sing-off a la Whitney/Mariah’s “When You Believe” — don’t judge us, but we couldn’t control our goosebumps/tears for her epic duet with Broadway’s Elaine Page). Or better yet, at least record with Lin Yu Chun! Either way, we’re not afraid to admit it: we’re hungry for some new SuBo.