Hot Gossip: Stephen Jerzak Debuts “She Said” With Help From Leighton Meester

Idolator Staff | July 11, 2010 5:30 am

Move over Taylor “Don’t call me Miley!” Momsen! Our favorite Gossip-Girl-turned-pop-star, Leighton Meester, is back at it — this time, teaming up with her newly signed Universal Republic label-mate, the 17-year-old Stephen Jerzak. “She Said” is a club-friendly summer jam complete with all of the essentials: fist-pumping beats, heavy use of Auto-Tune, breathy vocals and silly, Facebook-status-appropriate lyrics (“Everybody knows she’s a looker, but she ain’t quite right”).

But it’s Leighton’s playful, sassy turn on the slightly addicting chorus that’s making us consider “She Said” as our sing-in-the-shower song of the week. Hear it before you go out tonight:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Stephen Jerzak f/ Leighton Meester – She Said” dl=”0″] Jerzak is another discovered-on-the-Internet success story, though heretofore he’s attracted fans with his emo-pop stylings (“Cute”). In a post on his MySpace blog, Jerzak all but apologizes for recording a dance track with Leighton (“I can promise you that my album will not be all dancey songs like this – Love Is Strong is 100% acoustic and there’s a ton of tracks that are not dancey at allllll and others that are!”)

We actually think there’s not much to apologize for. (Other than the delays in releasing Leighton’s album — we’ve been patiently waiting since we heard her racing through “Body Control” and murmuring on “Somebody To Love” last year.) We at least expect to be hearing a snippet of this duet (which was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick) in the next season of Gossip Girl, most likely at a hipper-than-thou Manhattan club — sans that hot mess Jenny Humphrey, of course.
What do you think of the track?