Lee DeWyze Makes The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Go “Hallelujah”!

Becky Bain | July 12, 2010 2:00 pm

Lee DeWyze took a pit stop from the Idols Live! tour to swing by The View this morning to chit-chat with the ladies and perform an acoustic version of “Hallelujah.” Lee originally sang this Leonard Cohen classic during the Top 3 performance week, and his inspired rendition pretty much paved the way for him to win. Believe it or not, Lee has outdone himself this morning with an even more impressive performance of the song. Watch the Idol champ give it his all below.

Lee, whose debut album drops this October, is really showing the world why deserved to win American Idol, and it’s baffling to us why we’re just now discovering how good a singer he is. During the competition, Lee’s vocals were all over the place, but almost all of his live performances since have been spot on. We hated his coronation song “Beautiful Day” on the finale—but we adored his live version of the U2 hit, switching up the melody and making the song his own.

And we already loved “Hallelujah” when we first heard it during the Top 3 week, but this simple, subtle version is even better without the band and the backup choir overpowering him. Well done, DeWyze!

Who we are not praising is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose first question to Lee is if it’s sunk in yet that he won American Idol. Um, he won like, two months ago and has since appeared on dozens of TV shows and made hundreds of interviews, all talking about him winning Idol. We think it’s sunk in by now, Elisabeth.

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