Taylor Momsen Goes From ‘Gossip Girl’ To Material Girl

Erika Brooks Adickman | July 14, 2010 12:00 pm

Who’s that girl in the Material Girl clothing line promo video? It seems we won’t have to wait till August after all to find out. A Material Girl ad in this week’s Star magazine revealed the clothing line’s spokesmodel is none other than Gossip Girl‘s Jenny “Little J” Humphrey, Taylor Momsen.

See Taylor strike a pose in the full page ad below.

Many may be surprised that the “Vogue” pop diva didn’t select her own daughter Lourdes (who co-created the designs with Madonna) as the face of MG, but we think it makes sense. Taylor has her own “edgy” rocker style sense, and does it get more materialistic than Gossip Girl? We just hope Taylor understands that posing for a pop legend’s offspring’s clothing line won’t necessarily do anything for her own music career credibility.

taylor momsen
Beauty’s where you find it. How do you find the ad campaign? Was Taylor the right choice? Will you be hitting Macy’s on August 3rd to check out Madonna and Lourdes’ clothing collaboration? Comment at us below.

(via Boy Culture)