‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Is Season 7 Cursed?

Erika Brooks Adickman | July 16, 2010 7:00 am

We had to double check our Tivos last night to make sure we weren’t watching a repeat of last week’s results show. We already lost one brilliant dancer to an injury, and now it appears we’ve lost Ashley too. Is this Season lucky number 7 is actually cursed? We hope not!  See how it all went down last night.

Was it just us, or did it feel like Dominic Week on SYTYCD. Last night’s show opened on a speakeasy where our contestants joined by the All-Stars performed a Tyce Diorio number that reminded us a little of Chicago (naturally, because everything Tyce does reminds us of Fosse). We couldn’t help but notice how much the cameras seemed to linger on Dominic. A fun number and definitely worth a rewatch.

Next we got a sampling of how everyone has been preparing for Nigel’s National Dance Day coming up on July 31st. We’re still trying to crack the code on NappyTabs’ official Dance Day routine. How are you guys coming along with it?

Moving on, we got to see two adorable kidlins from Mary Murphy‘s dance school perform a tooth achingly sweet number to “Jailhouse Rock”.

We learned that Jose and Billy would be joining Ashley in the bottom three this week. We were shocked that Billy found himself in the bottom three again. But no one was surprised that Jose landed in the bottom three—not even the B-Boy himself who told the judges that every week he’s been expecting to dance for his life.

Next, we got to see a piece we’ve named “Ode To White Spandex” from Alvin Ailey dancers Rachel and Jamal . Which reminds us, weren’t Billy Bell and Robert Alvin Ailey dancers when Adam gave them the good news that they were coming to Hollywood? How is it possible that a renowned dance troupe good enough to produce routine for the SYTYCD stage could have two of their alum in the Bottom 3 week after week? Either America needs to get it together and vote for these boys, or Robert and Billy need to step it up (we think the former).

All-Stars Comfort and Twitch revived their Season 4 hip-hop routine to Chris Brown’s “Forever” for the “Let’s Fill Time In The Results Show” segment. It’s easy to forget that long before the JK Wedding dance (and the subsequent homage during Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office), this song was on SYTYCD

While the judges “deliberated” on Billy and Jose’s routines, we were treated to a performance by newcomer Christina Perry who’s song “Jar Of Hearts” was recently used in Stacey Tookey number. We’re not surprised that the song has skyrocketed on iTunes, but is anyone else hear remnants of Beyonce’s “Halo” in the chorus?

Finally, the judges broke the news: Ashley’s results have removed her from the competition and just as America was beginning to really fall in love with this tiny dancer. Oh, the tears. That leaves Lauren as the last standing female in this competition. She has really been holding her own. We doubt she’ll be going home next week, but then again it seems no one is safe this season. And you know what they say, bad things happen in threes. Yikes! See you all next week. Stay safe out there!