Pink Goes On With The Show After Last Night’s Fall

Becky Bain | July 16, 2010 10:25 am

Pink, who suffered a fall due to an incorrectly fastened harness while performing in Nuremberg last night, intends to take the stage again tonight in Salem, Germany. “Full steam ahead people. No pain, no gain,” she tweeted. “I will be on that stage, even if I have to crawl.” Thankfully, the bruised singer suffered no internal injuries, although you can clearly here her shout, “Oh, f*** that hurt like a motherf***er” after her harsh landing. Jump below to watch footage of the pop star’s sudden (painful) crash into a barricade.

The immediate silence that befalls the arena is chilling—you can practically hear everybody in the audience thinking, “Did we just see a tragedy befall a famous pop star, live, right in front of us?” Thankfully, we know Pink is okay, so it makes the video more as an example of what a bad-ass she is, as opposed to evidence of Pink fans witnessing something much more unsettling.