Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Base In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | July 16, 2010 5:30 pm

This past week brought the end of the World Cup, the return of Ace Of Base, an update on David Archuleta’s sophomore album and new music from Nicki Minaj (who, incidentally, was snubbed by Amazon’s list of the year’s best tunes so far). And how did our readers react to all this pop activity? Read on!

:: KathyM chirped up on Susan Boyle Dreams Up Her Own Singing Competition: “Leave it to SuBo to find a way to give something back and it should be lots of fun. You’re right, a lot of us are hungry for that next CD.”

:: J. Smith MANNE! echoed our sentiment on Amazon Chooses The Year’s Best Songs So Far, But What Was Missing?: “Yo where is the Nicki MInaj or the Drake. Both of ‘em r running the hip hop game right now.”

:: And TheNotehead chimed in, as well: “would’ve included Brandon Flowers’ “Crossfire”, but that’s only because I’m a huge fan of the song/The Killers/Brandon. Otherwise, I also agree that a little more hip hop was necessary, seeing the impact Nicki Minaj and Drake have made so far this year.”

:: Speaking of Ms. Minaj, Brandon Hall showed his love, his love on Trey Songz And Nicki Minaj Say “Bottoms Up” On New Track: “Wow Nicki never disappoints clearly the highlight of this song, she really knows how to steal the thunder doesn’t she. The song overall is actually pretty good too, this could be a huge summer song if Trey plays his cards right. First single material, do it!”

:: Sandra let us know she’s doing some hip-shaking of her own on Shakira Waka Wakas One Last time At The World Cup Closing Ceremony: “I love Shakira and what she stands for…So I decided to create my own waka waka to help kids in india to promote education. Shakira, check me out on you tube ” sandra indian shakira”..You are my idol. I will be going ot music school after high school. Thank you for your great gift of music….”

:: jasminatoor? got twice as excited over Jasmine V. Shows Us She’s Serious About Making Hits: “i absolutely lovee heer!!! i’mm waiting forr heer albuum! iiff u say it jasmine i lovee youu and plis follow me on twitteer”

:: Taylor offered some career advice on And The Song Greyson Chance Should Cover Next Is…: “I think he should right his own songs like Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. But no really super slow songs. I hate slow songs.”

:: Anusha Rasalingam wasn’t feeling deja vu on The Sign That The ’90s Are Back—The Return Of Ace Of Base: “This AOB 2.0 is a pale shadow of the glory of AOB 1.0. They’re very generic sounding — AOB 1.0 had that blend of faux reggae and Euro-Scandi-pop that was unique sounding. AOB 2.0 just sounds like bad, synth-y reggae with bland singers. The real culprit is the rap-singing — there’s too much of it, and it’s not trying to be rap, like in ‘Don’t Turn Around’.”

:: Kathy was crushin’ on Archie on David Archuleta Follows The Trend, Will drop New Album On September 14: “Something bout Love is one great song! David’s vocals are top notch and the beat gets you up and dancing no matter how old you are. So looking forward to the music video for this song. And I’m especially anxious for the album release. I know it will have a wide variety of songs for all ages. What a talent! The best male vocalist out there right now!”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK — Finally, this week’s top zinger comes from ChinaChow, who imparted this particular wisdom on Did Lady Gaga Pinch This Look From Roisin Murphy?: “that lady is a ‘Single White Female’ see the film from 1992..a girl moves in, steals from her roommate, her clothes, imitates the style, uses her friends, boyfriends, turns out she’s a complete psycho. (hint) Gay people are easy targets…..”