The Best “California Gurls” State-Specific Parodies

Becky Bain | July 20, 2010 11:24 am

We’ve had 7-year olds rapping like Snoop, dorks scribing their poppy thoughts on geekdom, and Kat DeLuna waxing poetic about Manhattan and the Tri-State area in all the various versions of what is arguably the Song of the Summer. Buzzfeed is compiling a comprehensive list of every “California Gurls” state-specific parody video currently surging the web, and we’ve picked our five favorites below.

New York Gurls

“I know a place where everyone is meaner” just makes us crack up.

Texas Gurls

Best line: “Why would you travel the world when we’ve got barbecue and Texas toast / You can all go to hell, I am going to Texas.”

Jersey Shore Guidos

“Chuggin’ Jager bombs, talkin’ about getting a new haircut / Boys lose their minds trying to grind up on the club sluts,” sings the guy in this video, which sounds like he actually recreated the song from scratch. We appreciate the effort. (Plus, “On your arm, a girl that kind of looks like Ke$ha” and then showing a photo of a bunch of orange-skinned, bleach-haired blondes—well done, sir.)

Wisconsin Gurls

“Sippin PBR, laying underneath the pine trees… Farmer’s tan so hot we’ll melt your windsheild.” We’re not sure we follow that logic, but seeing a girl dance with a slice of cheese is enough for us.

California Gurls

This Key of Awesome parody is clearly the best one, in that a) it points out the absurdity of the video b) it’s more accurate about living in Southern California than Katy Perry’s song is and c) the lyrics are actually clever and make us laugh.

Okay, so ultimately, what these videos prove is twofold: not every state is deserving of its own Top 40 theme song, and Katy Perry sounds like a friggin’ opera singer compared to the faulty, weak vocals of these amateurs trying to replicate her voice in this light-and-fluffy pop tune. Now let’s see all the gurls and boys in these vids rock an outfit made out of the shape of their state like Katy can.