Watch Kid Cudi Confront A Stage Crasher

Becky Bain | July 23, 2010 11:40 am

While Kid Cudi performed a hometown concert in Cleveland, Ohio last night, a dude rushed the stage and was promptly attacked by security… and Kid Cudi himself. Basically, don’t mess with Cudder unless you’re lookin’ for Cudder to mess with you. Footage below.

We’re not sure accosting a fan in the crowd is the best move for him to make just a few days after telling everyone that you’re “good now” after being arrested for breaking down a door (among other things). Then again, this isn’t Cudi’s first swan dive into a crowd to confront an discourteous audience member, and he even has the entire support of his fans singing along to “Pursuit of Happiness” and chanting his name while he does it! We supposed real Cudi fans don’t care that he might want to look into anger management classes.

In non-violent news from last night’s show, Cudder also debuted a new song, rap-singing to it a capella and using the crowd’s handclapping as his beat.

[Nah Right]