Katy Perry Teases Us With A “Teenage Dream” Preview

Becky Bain | July 26, 2010 10:13 am

Katy Perry treated us with a sing-a-long video of her next single “Teenage Dream”, set to stills from the video shoot. Looks like somebody learned iMovie over the weekend! Learn all the lyrics to “Teenage Dream” (and catch a sneak peek of Katy kissing her hot co-star) by watching the preview vid below.

It’s always kind of disconcerting seeing a famous artist with an equally famous significant other nuzzle up against the romantic love interest in a music video—especially when we know Perry’s type of man isn’t this sort of uber-hunk, but the kind of unique jokester who likes donning purple wigs and posing with cats for her amusement. Our suspension of disbelief while watching this video will be extremely hard to achieve, but we think we might get over it by the time the party heads into the jacuzzi.