‘Glee’ Cast To Do The Time Warp With A ‘Rocky Horror’ Episode

Becky Bain | July 26, 2010 12:50 pm

Head Gleek Ryan Murphy revealed during a Glee Comic-Con panel that the show would be doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode. Does this mean we get to see Matthew Morrison in fishnets and heels? Yes, please!

Check out some footage of Ryan Murphy and the cast at Comic-Con below:

Ryan Murphy told the crowds at the San Diego convention that Season 2 will be more “intimate” than Season 1, and that there will be a “a couple tribute episodes” in addition to Rocky Horror. He also reveals that the show plans to cap off the amount of musical numbers per episode at five. (We think it should be even lower so an actual plot could be developed without being interrupted by Mr. Shue’s rapping, but we’re probably in the minority on that one.)

Check out some fan questions being answered by the Glee cast—sadly, Lee Michele and Matthew Morrison were not in attendance, as they were probably too busy being oh-so pretty somewhere outside of San Diego:

Now with a Rocky Horror episode, a Britney/Brittany episode, a possible sequel to the Madonna ep, guest stars that include Charice, John Stamos, and Javier Bardem, and maybe even some Coldplay tunes thrown into New Directions’ repertoire, we’re definitely excited for Season 2’s premiere.