Kanye West Extends Social Media Tour, Raps At Twitter Offices

Idolator Staff | July 28, 2010 7:14 pm

You already know that Kanye West joined Twitter, and spent his first full day on the service picking up more than 140,000 followers (he’s still not following anyone, despite Aziz Ansari’s clever attempts to get his attention and Vulture’s educated guesswork). But you may NOT know that Kanye just visited Twitter’s corporate offices, where he performed yet another few verses from his forthcoming (and, as of earlier today, unnamed) album. Watch Kanye spit below:

It’s been clear since we caught a glimpse of his single cover art that Kanye hasn’t lost his confidence. And this line from his acapella performance pretty much says it all: “Lyrically can’t none of y’all murder ‘Ye /Cause y’all raps ain’t got no vertebrae”.

We can’t be sure what song that’s from, but when you add together this with his Facebook performance and the mighty “Power”, it’s not hard to see we’ve got a very strong album taking shape. (Though if we were MySpace, we’d be feeling a little left out right now.)

NOTE: RapRadar noted there’s higher quality audio of the Twitter performance here.

[Via RapRadar]