Robyn Runs Full Throttle In iHeartRadio Performance

Idolator Staff | July 30, 2010 6:13 pm

Earlier this week Robyn’s new video provided us with a stark-but-sweet look at her life on the road, so we’re happy to see one more reminder of what makes all those lonely miles worth traveling — she is one of the most electrifying live performers in pop. (You know that if you’ve seen her at music festivals or amusement parks). She took a short break from her All Hearts tour with Kelis to do a private radio-sponsored show in New York, where she explained her hip-hop influences (“Hip-hop was kind of my punk music”) and rocked the anthemic “Dancing On My Own” amid a laser light show. Watch below:

In considering what makes Robyn standout in a world of saccharine pop stars, FADER‘s Julianne Escobedo Shepherd hits the nail on the head by noting that the pixie-ish Swede “emanates goodness” and “has an inherent gift for crowd engagement”. Watch her whip up the fans at last night’s show — where she spiced up the setlist with her soulful cover of Alicia Keys’ “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”. See her whip up the crowd with “Dancing On My Own”.

Want to know where she gets those wicked dance moves? Remember — she watches a lot of music videos. Now if only they’d let her perform at Facebook.

[iheartradio via FADER]