Ne-Yo Performs “Beautiful Monster” On ‘GMTV’ As A Ventriloquist

Becky Bain | August 2, 2010 12:30 pm

Ne-Yo has apparently decided that he’s sung “Beautiful Monster” quite enough times already, he isn’t going to sing it anymore. Either the R&B singer wanted to save his voice or his dance moves needed his full attention, but he spent the majority of his appearance on GMTV letting a recorded track do all the vocal work. After the jump, catch the R&B star barely even pretending to lip-sync “Beautiful Monster.”

Ne-Yo – “Beautiful Monster” (Live)

We’ll give him this—the guy can really dance. But why spend so much of the performance letting a recorded track of your vocals hog the spotlight? And what’s the point in even holding a microphone if you can’t be bothered to move your mouth in time to the song?

Ne-Yo’s upcoming album Libra Scale drops this September.

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