Pop Stars Tweet Their Prop 8 Reactions

Becky Bain | August 5, 2010 2:27 pm

The groundbreaking repeal of Prop 8 yesterday not only inspired tears of joy across California (along with the rest of the world), but it inspired Lady Gaga to begin penning new tunes. “At the moments notice of PROP 8 DEATH I instantly began to write music,” the pop diva tweeted. “BUBBLE DREAMS FOREVER! FULL EQUALITY! THIS IS JUST THE BEGININNG!”

Check out more celebratory tweets from music’s biggest LGBTA names below:

Gaga, continued: “REJOICE and CELEBRATE gay communities and straight all over the world. Our voices are being heard! Loud! SCREAM LOUD AMERICANOS!”

Adam Lambert: “Prop 8 Overturned! I’m glad California has restored the right for ALL of its citizens to marry whoever they please! Equal rights are very Glam!”


Katy Perry: “I’m celebrating tonight fer me gays. We all deserve to be treated equal. No matter how we like our SEX or with whom.”

Ellen DeGeneres: “This just in: Equality won!”

Judge Vaughn Walker, the judge who ruled Prop 8 unconstitional, has scheduled a hearing tomorrow to address an exact time frame for when same-sex couples will be allowed to marry.